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Who We Are


Thank you for your interest in 4 Season Painting & Renovation Ltd. For over 15 years, we have been providing top-rated services within the multifamily, commercial, and residential industries. Our goal has always been that you receive reliable products and prompt installations of unmatched quality. Our citywide service area, quality workmanship and competitive pricing have earned us multiple recognitions within these industries and can easily be reaffirmed by our growing list of satisfied customers.
Applying these same principles of efficiency and top-quality service, we expanded our scope to include shopping malls, high rises, auto and parking garages, car dealerships and offices. Our clients include businesses, government departments, property managers, and homeowners.
We use the best quality products for the paint job, according to our experience, or as required by engineering specifications.
Safety is also a priority. Our workers are trained in safety procedures, such as fall prevention and the handling of hazardous materials (WHMIS), and in the use of specialized equipment such as elevated working platforms.
Our focus is on providing the best quality service to our customers: fast and efficiently while minimizing the disruption to our customers and their clients. Our job is to make your job easy.
We encourage you to compare us with our competition, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have comments or questions. Our team of specialists is dedicated to you, your project and providing the best quality at affordable prices. Again, thank you for your consideration, and it will be our pleasure to work with you!

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Principles for Contracts/Agreements

4 Season Painting & Renovation Ltd Principles for Contracts/Agreements

No matter what type of competitive painting & renovation services or procedures is used, 4 Season Painting & Renovation Ltd must determine before obligating the client/customer under a contract/agreement, that:

  • the proposal/estimation received is responsive to the client/customers’ requirements;
  • the team are responsible painters & renovation; and
  • the proposed cost/price is fair and reasonable.

Our Customer Service Department at Budget & Save Painters and Decorators

Good customer service is all about bringing customers back. And about sending them away happy – happy enough to pass positive feedback about our business along to others, who may then try our painting and renovation service we offer for themselves and in their turn become repeat customers.

Our 8 Step Rule:

Our Customer Service Lines are always open 7 days a week – 24 Hours a Day. A representative is always available to take enquires, service information, scheduling appointments (for a free no obligation estimation -or firm quote), customer service matters, and customer care.
Reliability is one of the keys to the success of our company, and our customers are always number one.
When our Customers talk our team shows them that we are listening by making the appropriate responses, such as suggestions from those discussions.
We bend over backwards to please each customer – and position our business to reap the benefits of excellent customer service and customer care.
Regardless if a customer is just calling for information, products, or services, we try to our best to educate the customer of our industry.
Positive staff/customer interaction is very important. Good customer service and how to help a customer is most important.
We always do our best to make an extra effort, regardless of the size of the project. Dedicated to Quality!
Dedicated to Quality! We bring the highest quality of workmanship and a personalized approach to each unique painting and renovation project.
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We use the highest quality of paint. 4 Season Painting & Renovation is always here to assist you!